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Connect your physical infrastructure with our IoT solutions.

With our state-of-the-art IoT solutions, Omniconn helps to connect the physical assets over the internet. We collect real-time data to gain centralized visibility, and administer intelligent controls. This approach delivers energy efficiency, stabilized building environments, and data-driven predictive insights for connected assets.


Data Center

Bringing disparate systems together in a single pane of glass to visualize and control the entire data center.

Commercial Buildings

Covering every aspect of the building from HVAC and energy optimization to environmental and building usage Omniconn offers a toolbox full of sensors and algorithms to cater for a buildings needs.

Smart Hospitals

Incorporating centralized life safety solutions for a hospital such as Fire Alarm and Central battery integrated with foot fall data assists staff to understand the risk profile of public buildings.

Smart Cities

Taking all the solutions verticals Omniconn has to offer allows a deployment covering entire cities and complex giving a single pane of glass to visualize any aspect of the city integrated into Omniconn.


Streamlining operations by providing an integrated platform for managing diverse systems and resources, Omniconn enhances efficiency and control across various facility types.
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